Learn how to set up and use email

What email is used for

Imagine instantly communicating with your family and friends without waiting for a letter to be delivered. Wouldn't it be great to receive daily updates about and photos of your grandchildren? Email allows you to send and receive letters with the push of a button.

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A guide to setting up

and using an email


Pick a provider.


Setting up an email address is easy and free. First, you need to pick a provider (Gmail, AOL, or Microsoft).


Click this link if you want to set up a Gmail account:

Click this link if you want to set up an AOL account:

Click this link if you want to set up a Microsoft account:


Claim an email address.

Once you decide on a provider, go to that site and click "Sign Up" for email. You will be asked to pick a unique user name and password. You can use your name or some other username. If the name you select is taken, consider adding some numbers to it. For example, "ESmith" can become "ESmith232". Your email address is your username followed by the @ sign and the provider. So, ESmith232's email address becomes Only you can access this email address.


Learn how to send and receive emails and attach and open photos.

After you set up your email address, you can send email to anyone using the "compose" or "new message" button. The email messages you send will be placed in your "Outbox." You can also give your email address to your friends and family and they can email you. Those email messages will be placed in your "Inbox." It is good practice to login to your email account to check your "Inbox" every day. If you have photos or documents on your computer that you would like to send, click the "attach" button (looks like a paperclip) and it will allow you to click on the items you would like to attach to your email.