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Senior Friendly Sites

Gain access to countless sites with information catered to help and assist seniors

Why they're helpful

The internet has a lot of useful and helpful information on it. Sometimes it's hard to sort through all the countless web sites looking for information that can actually help you. The sites below can help you with many different facets of your life from health to humor.

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Senior-friendly sites

1. Search engine that will provide you with information about other sites, phone numbers, addresses, movie times, television listings, and just about anything you would like to know.

2. travel adventures for people 50 years and older.

3.  site providing legal information for seniors on subjects including health, insurance, estate planning, and the rights of the elderly and disabled.

4. Microsoft guide to accessibility. Important resource to adapt Microsoft products to special needs of seniors.

5. Includes tons of information and articles on health, cooking, shopping discounts, travel, insurance and other important topics. 

6. Adventures and learning trips for seniors.

7. Weekly online newspaper that provides humor, news, and senior advocacy for seniors 55 and older.

8. health information and tips to keep you healthy.

9. Great section that provides basic information about health issues.

10. Personal and retirement financial planning resource.

11. Subscription service (but often available on your local library's website) that rates consumer items.

12. National Institute on Aging's website.  Contains valuable articles and information on issues relating to health.


Your local library's website will also contain a lot of information to you and allow you to access digital books and other resources.